This little piggy’s off to market!


Well not quite yet maybe but, given my spectacular lack of success to date in selling my work online, I’m seriously considering printing up a few of my local works when and if Β funds permit, getting a license to sell at a local market (yes you need a license for everything in this country except breathing but I’m sure that that will come in the fullness of time!) πŸ™‚ and trying my hand at the direct face-to-face direct sales method. I need to give some thought to my sales pitch, I think perhaps, “Please buy my work before we starve!” is a bit too “in your face”, honest, but too blunt so I’ll work on that aspect :).

I can see myself on a cold, wintery Saturday morning dressed in my finest winter togs, beanie hat, fingerless gloves and flask of hot tea , the later essential as I don’t function without it! :). What people miss out on online is my god-given charismatic charm, humour and wit and my “honest John” face LOL πŸ˜€ :D, time methinks to give it a go!.

Best wishes,

leigh sig 2


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