It all started with a cover disk on a computer mag.!

It all started with a cover disk on a computer mag., my love of graphic design that is. I remember buying this computer magazine back in the eighties and included with it was a CD (or maybe even a floppy disk). I can’t remember, containing a free early version of PaintShop Pro. That event changed my life, from that day on I was completely hooked on computer graphics. Of course this was more than twenty-five years ago now and things were not as anywhere as sophisticated as they are today but I absolutely loved that software (and still do) and spent hours a day experimenting with it learning how to do things and the time just sped by without thinking, hours seemed to turn in to minutes.

The other life changer was the introduction of digital photography and it took me a while to “marry” my love of photography with my love of graphic design after making the transition from film to digital. For once I could load my photographs straight on to my computer and do whatever I liked with them, experiment in ways that were previously impossible. It’s hard to put it into words but for me it’s a kind of magical feeling, experimenting with new ideas and learning all the time, it gives me the same “buzz” today as discovering that software all those years ago did.

I guess the third major event was the introduction of the internet, now, not only could I take photographs in the morning, I could work with them on my computer and then upload them via the internet and by bed time I could share them all around the world and I still find this technology absolutely amazing!.

Best wishes



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