“It’s a funny old game”


It’s a funny old game, life, that is. I was feeling very low on Thursday but several things happened yesterday that raised my spirits quite a bit ,not the least of which, was an online Share Your Art event #ShareYouArt on Twitter organised by World Arts @worldarts http://www.world-arts.com/. I very much enjoyed meeting-and-tweeting other artists from around the world and admiring their excellent work.

I am, however, not a born member of the online generation and I am still relatively new to the world of blogging, tweeting etc. although I do consider myself as very computer-literate I freely admit that I still have much to learn regarding social networking but I have recently invested quite a bit of time and effort into developing my various social media pages.

I think that the most rewarding thing about last night was that it was so enjoyable to chat with other artists, share ideas and techniques and I was not made to feel that my work was in any way second-rate, folks were very generous in their comments. I always have nagging doubts about my work floating about in the back of my mind as my skills are to the greatest extent self-taught.

So, as I say, life’s a funny old game isn’t it?, full of so many emotional ups and downs!, but I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, my star has started to rise.

Kind regards


2 thoughts on ““It’s a funny old game”

  1. I think all artists feel the same about their work Leigh, on and off, but what is so wonderful about art is that it is so subjective and so personal. You are a great artist I love your work and love that you are a fellow photo artist too :). I too am self taught and I love just playing around with software seeing what I can create. It doesn’t always make it into my gallery, but ultimately that doesn’t matter, I simply loving creating and learning. Nice to connect with you my friend.

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