A new work “Adoration of the Swan”


My first effort with my new Mediachance Photoblend 3D software. I’m a huge fan of their Dynamic Auto Painter software and really enjoying the new software. This image is composed of three seperate shots, the foreground swan, the other swans and the backdrop of the statues at York House and some texturing and adjustments. A fun and very useful addition to my graphics software collection.

A new work: “Rubbing down the oars”

Spotted this chap sanding down the oars outside a boat shed in Richmond upon Thames. I’m not entirely sure why but what I know about rowing you could write on a postage stamp :).


Flickr artwork re-design

Flickr RedesignI’ve been spending some time lately on re-designing my artwork and today I re-designed my Flick cover banner.

Tip, if you are doing a new cover for your Flickr page leave some black space above and below the artwork area so that you can position it vertically, if you click on the above image it will take you to the image on my Flick account and you will see the blank space above and below the “banner” area. I also saved the work as a multi-layered PSD file with the graphics layer overlayed over the image area and a third black layer. This way you can change the background image very easily and also update the graphics layer as you wish. You should also make sure that your graphics don’t get covered by the Flickr buddy icon, lettering etc..

“Riverview VIII” Starting from scratch

Here’s the latest in my Riverview series starting from scratch. First the original image from the camera.

Okay I guess but seems a bit dull so I applied some processing of the RAW file, not so obvious perhaps at this size, lens distortion correction, noise removal. sharpening etc..

I decided to make this into a sunset to add a bit more atmosphere.

Now to make it more “painterly”, brushstokes and canvass texture etc.

and finally, I worked on the trees and sky a little..

et voilΓ !, “Riverview VIII” is born πŸ™‚

Best wishes