“It’s a funny old game”


It’s a funny old game, life, that is. I was feeling very low on Thursday but several things happened yesterday that raised my spirits quite a bit ,not the least of which, was an online Share Your Art event #ShareYouArt on Twitter organised by World Arts @worldarts http://www.world-arts.com/. I very much enjoyed meeting-and-tweeting other artists from around the world and admiring their excellent work.

I am, however, not a born member of the online generation and I am still relatively new to the world of blogging, tweeting etc. although I do consider myself as very computer-literate I freely admit that I still have much to learn regarding social networking but I have recently invested quite a bit of time and effort into developing my various social media pages.

I think that the most rewarding thing about last night was that it was so enjoyable to chat with other artists, share ideas and techniques and I was not made to feel that my work was in any way second-rate, folks were very generous in their comments. I always have nagging doubts about my work floating about in the back of my mind as my skills are to the greatest extent self-taught.

So, as I say, life’s a funny old game isn’t it?, full of so many emotional ups and downs!, but I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, my star has started to rise.

Kind regards