“The red, the white and the reality”

One of my older photos taken earlier this year given a new look but the message remains exactly the same, maybe more so. All around me every day I see incredible affluence and seeming indifference to the plight of others less fortunate than themselves. It should be hard to believe that this photo was taken in “leafy” Surrey. Of all of the many photos that I’ve taken this year and all the work that I have produced to date I think that this one means the most to me.


Flickr artwork re-design

Flickr RedesignI’ve been spending some time lately on re-designing my artwork and today I re-designed my Flick cover banner.

Tip, if you are doing a new cover for your Flickr page leave some black space above and below the artwork area so that you can position it vertically, if you click on the above image it will take you to the image on my Flick account and you will see the blank space above and below the “banner” area. I also saved the work as a multi-layered PSD file with the graphics layer overlayed over the image area and a third black layer. This way you can change the background image very easily and also update the graphics layer as you wish. You should also make sure that your graphics don’t get covered by the Flickr buddy icon, lettering etc..