Pigeon holes are for pigeons :)

Hi everyone,

Once in a while one hits a rich stream in one’s work. I don’t mind admitting that there is sometimes a bit of a temptation to stick to one subject and/or style but it’s something that I know that I simply cannot do for too long as, apart from anything else, it’d bore me to tears. I guess there is some merit in getting known as “the guy that does this or that kind of work” and it’s probably the best way to get exposure for one’s work and, as such, potentially commercially a lot more viable. I read somewhere that you should always only post your best work, sage advice I’m sure, but how does one know what’s one’s best work or not?.

I’ve never had a formula, I don’t want my work to always look the same over and again. I’m always experimenting and taking a chance on something that I don’t think will be very popular and I’m proven wrong as often as I’m proven right. It’s not for me to judge what’s “better” or not, it’s down to the viewer. I’d really like to think that those who follow my work on my blog and other sites do so because it catches the eye and they follow my work not because they know exactly what they’ll get but because they don’t!.

As per the title of the post “Pigeon holes are for pigeons” ๐Ÿ™‚

Kind regards