“When in Rome” Macro

Hi folks,

A green-screen shot of Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa model and a backdrop of one of my shots of Rome. What better setting for it.



green screen


Although the backdrops that came withe the light tent are okay they are a sort of lint material that attract dust like it’s going out of fashion and show even the tiniest scuff mark and there’s always the problem of wrinkles and getting an even lighting. With this in mind I bought a pack of 25 sheets of A4 green card and the same in blue for about ยฃ2.00 each. I’ve also used some wood block to raise the stage a bit to allow for better camera angles. Lastly I bought one of those cheap “helping hand” things which I’ve not used here which can hold small things like flower stems etc. or one of my sheets of coloured gels.

The Greenscreen Wizard software (which also does blue screen) allows for scaling and positioning of, in this case the model car, but one has to experiment with getting the perspective, lighting and shadows right to suit the background image. I discovered aย  very useful feature of the Olympus Capture tethering software is that one can display and overlay image (the background) and this makes these thing a bit easier to setup else it’s down to trial and error.

Best wishes,