Focus bracketing and HDR landscapes.

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve been experimenting with focus bracketing and combining with HDR. For quite a while now I’ve been using Skylum Software’s Aurora HDR 2019 with very good results. I set off recently to one of my favourite locations, Bushy Park, to deliberately shoot focus bracketed shots as well as HDR of the same scene.

I typically shot 3-4 focus bracketed shots and another three frame HDR at +/- 2EV. I processed the HDR in Aurora to my tastes as usual and used Affinity Photo’s focus merge feature to merge the focus bracket shots as well as the HDR from Aurora. I then edited further in some of my other software including Skylum’s Luminar 4. Here’sย  few results from my experiments. Tack sharp front to back and HDR.






I know that this will surprise regular visitors to my blog who know how much I hate them but I actually took a tripod, specifically for these experiments. Unfortunately it was, as usual too heavy and cumbersome and I returned home, on foot as usual, with quite severe aches and pains in my back and shoulders after carrying it around for about five orย  six hours so I’m not taking it again but I might have found an interesting alternative, the MeFoto Backpacker Air tripod which weighs only 2 lbs and is ideal for my Micro Four Thirds gear. Quick to setup and at only 10.4 inches in length when collapsed it should also fit neatly in my Vanguard VEO GO34M camera bag.



I bought one of these ingenious Hero Clips so that I could easily hang my camera bag or another weight from the tripod’s weight hook for extra stability. I guess that you could hang just about anything from it. Note it is not safe for rock climbing etc..



Kind regards



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