The best of both worlds : Swapping between Cokin filters and circular filters using Manfrotto XUME adapters.

Hi everyone,

Some while back I invested in, and invested is definitely the right term as they’re not cheap, in some XUME adapters for my round, screw-on filters. I’ve gotten so used to simply and quickly changing filters without all the screwing/unscrewing and risk of a cross threading etc.. The XUME system uses a magnetic adapter ring that screws into the front of the lens, while the filter itself screws into a metal filter holder.

Recently I decided to buy a Cokin P-Series filter set containing filter holder, four of their adapter rings (52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm and 62 mm) and three ND filters. Great on their own but here’s the problem I encountered and my solution.

First the problem, as I wanted to quickly change between using aย  screw on circular B+W clear glass protection filter plus the proprietary lens hood and the Cokin system this is what I was having to do as it was impossible to easily swap because the outer diameter of the Cokin ring prevented the hood simply being reversed and fitted/re-fitted without screwing in/unscrewing the Cokin adapter ring every time.

So to fit the Cokin holder I’d first have to reverse or remove the lens hood then remove the circular filter complete with both halves of the XUME system and then screw in the Cokin ring and snap on the Cokin filter holder and the same in reverse when changing back the other way. Slow and fiddly and always the chance of a mishap along the way especially on a cold winter’s morning with cold hands!.

My solution is very simple, I fitted one of my XUME filter adapters to the Cokin ring. So to change over simply reverse or remove the lens hood, pull off the circular filter withย  XUME filter adapter attached and attach the Cokin holder complete with its adapter ring and XUME lens adapter fitted. There’s very little weight in the Cokin system so practically no chance it’ll become easily detached providing one exercises due care and attention .

Cokin and XUME 1

Cokin and XUME 2

Reverse hood, pull off circular filter, push on Cokin filter holder and vice-versa, very quick!, tested with my Olympus 12-40 PRO lens (62 mm filter thread) @ 12 mm with no vignetting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. 62 mm XUME lens adapter fitted directly to lens.
  2. 2 x 62 mm XUME filter adapters, one fitted to circular filter and one fitted to Cokin 62 mm adapter ring.

Best wishes,