It’s not called noise it’s called texture.

Hi everyone,

I submitted more than thirty additional works to Alamy. I heard back that an image had failed their QC process because it had noise and was soft. I’m not it the least bit worried or offended about that as they are a photo agency and as such they assess things using their own criteria and I am not, nor do I desire to be an editorial photographer. What I am annoyed about is that if one or more images submitted do not pass their QC then all the submitted images fail.

I cannot find any way of identifying which image/s apart from the one that they mention that have/might fail QC and therefore just re-submit the other images in-bulk. What it looks like one has to do is re-upload and re-submit one by one or a few at a time at the best and keep on doing so until the submitted images have all passed QC. I have e-mailed them for clarification on this point and I am awaiting their reply. If this is the way that their system works then I shall request that they delete my account as the QC process takes on average 24 hours every time and thus it’ll take weeks if not months of trail and error to upload my work, something I have neither the time nor inclination to do.

Kind regards

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