I sort of didn’t enter a competition

Hi everyone,

I saw a competition that I was interested in and sent an e-mail with three of my works attached. When I say that I didn’t enter what I mean is that my work isn’t what these competitions want, they wan’t “edgy” street photography, as a friend of mine described it, pictures of cute animals, cute children, pictures ofย  tanks or spaceships made out of lego or objects photographed from obscure angles etc.. I get totally sick of seeing these competitions and knowing that entering my work is a total waste of time. I feel like entering a black oblong with the caption “This is not the work you are looking for!” :), it would stand just about as much chance if not better.

Best wishes



Video – “A year in pictures” – Summer 2017-2018

Hi everyone,

A selection of my works taken in the last year including works from my visits to Rome, Brussels, Prague and various locations in the UK. You can view my work on my website : http://www.leighkemp.co.uk

Music by Positively Dark courtesy ofย ย http://music.geisheker.com

Kind regards

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