Hi everyone,

Before I go, I leave you with this thought..

I had this nice shot of some voluntary workers doing a great job restoring a local artwork. I don’t do many people shots and with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation I don’t know what one can show and not show regarding faces so I decided to do my own take on this GDPR stuff.
When one looks back on the great photo-journalism that has been so influential in changing public opinion such as Nik Ut’s Vietnam war photograph “Napalm Girl” I wonder what impact the new legislation will have on such.
It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for some while, how does the new legislation relate to photographs like the one I mentioned?. A naked child running down a road in pain and distress. Under normal circumstances I fully support legislation that prohibits such content in the interest of protecting minors but does the circumstances the picture was taken in justify it?, personally I believe that it does, and could such a picture still be taken today?.
As for my photographic interests the new legislation doesn’t really impinge on them as I much prefer landscape work to “people” shots but it makes one stop and think.


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