Real people

Hi everyone,

Sometimes one can work on an image for a long time before it gets to the stage where one is happy with it. Sometimes one works on an image for a long time and then discards it and occasionally, as was the case with this one, one starts work and it comes together very quickly and one gets a real buzz of excitement

It’s doing pretty well in the current Olympus gallery most popular listing at no.2 in the UK users listing and no. 4 in the European users listing. I don’t and never have given a stuff about competition but it’s always gratifying and confidence-boosting to see one’s work featured.


Nice thing about trees is they’re easy to spot and generally-speaking they stand pretty still ๐Ÿ™‚

As is the case with Flickr and my Blog I like these sites as they’re frequented by “real” people and not self-proclaimed photographic/art experts!ย ย When they like an image it’s based on face value and not some artistic snobbery and technical nonsense about what camera or lens was used etc..

Kind regards



Update 25/4/2018, This work has made it to the UK and the European No.1 spot in the Olympus users Gallery today. This is just the sort of publicity that I sorely need.

olympus gallery no.1 in UK and Europe 25 04 2018

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