I don’t do reviews but…

Hi everyone,

Every now and then I come across something that I think is worth writing up. You know the scenario, you’re out and about and you see a location and think that’d make a good shot but you don’t have your camera on you so you make a mental note to return to the scene at a later time by which time if you’re anything like me you’re thinking now where was that? and what did I have in mind for the shot? or maybe you just want to do a quick proof to see what lens might work best without rummaging around in your camera bag and changing lenses.

I was searching for a better “directors viewfinder” type app for my Android phone as I find them a useful tool to have when travelling about and spotting different views with a mind to going back and taking some photos ASAP. I’ve tried a few but this is by far the best one that I’ve used to date.


It’s a really well thought out and designed app. The developer has put a lot of thought into its design. Other similar apps that I’ve tried are too fidly to setup and operate, this one is very intuitive and not over-complex. At the same time he has included some really nice useful features such as DOF, including GPS co-ordinates with the saved snapshot,Β  ability to save a multiple “Packages” ofΒ  your favourite setups eg. camera and lenses, LUT, white balance, aspect ratio, torch and autofocus settings.

I’ve been corresponding with the developer as I had a few humble suggestions to make and he’s a really friendly and helpful guy who supports his work. He has several free versions for different camera and lenses and the one that I bought the “Magic UniversalΒ  Viewfinder“.

So if this is of interest check out the link above, also have a search for “Magic Canon Viewfinder”, magic Nikon viewfinder, magic Lumix viewfinder etc.Β  and you can check out his free versions.

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Edit: Talking of GPS I’ve been using a Holux RCV-3000 bluetooth data logger for quite some while now, small as a match box and feather light.

I switch it on before leaving for the day and it records a track of my movements which I can use later to geocode my downloaded photographs and also works well with my Android mapping apps and the Olympus Image Share app etc. so that I can download and geotag photos in the field and navigate to the nearest coffee shopΒ  πŸ™‚ without using any data-roaming charges πŸ™‚ as I also have an app which uses the data-logger as a “Mock GPS provider” and of course it will work very nicely with the above app. πŸ™‚


“If music be the food of love, play on”

Hi everyone,

Looking back through my work I realised just how many works I’ve done on the theme of street musicians and music in general. As music is another of my loves in life along with photography and art I thought I’d post a few of them collectively.


34215190471_e97f02a0e4_z (1)29751463211_5e5734d1b5_z




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“I got one more silver dollar but I ain’t going to let ’em get me!” :)

Hi folks,

I recently noticed that my art sales on Pixels has reached an all-time high of one US Dollar. Sadly not a silver dollar nor something that I can get my hands on as the amount is too small for them to pay me at present but I’m already planning on how I might spend it. I know that it’s a reckless decision but one has to have one’s dreams. πŸ™‚

one dollar

At today’s exchange rate that will give me 78 UK pence to spend frivolously as I wish. Now if inflation doesn’t increase before I get my “virtual” hands on it I could buy approximately one third of a cup of coffee in my favourite cafe if they’ll sell me it or one half of a bus fair on one of my photo outings and still have 3 pence change!.Β  Unfortunely I won’t be able to spend it in my local pound shop unless I decide to put the extra 22 pence to it, tough decision to have to make. πŸ™‚

Bless the person who kindly bought one of my postcards.


Best wishes

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