Let’s help this brave little guy (updated)


I came across this brave little lad on About.me https://about.me/ricojay and I was moved by his story and thought maybe I could help in some way. Please see the video below. I have decided that I will donate 50% of any profit on the sale of my works on Pixels.com http://leigh-kemp.pixels.com/ to the fund http://www.dreamordonate.nl/2289-rico-jay-for-america

This wayΒ  you get something nice to hang on your wall, scatter on you sofa, wrap around your i-phone or yourself on a cold night (duvet covers) πŸ™‚ or use to carry your shopping around in etc. and he gets one step closer to his dream.

Please watch the video and visit his website and consider donatiing either directly to his fund or through purchasing one of my work he needs all the help that he can get.

Thank You.



The Rico-Jay fund is now official, please see https://www.gofundme.com/ricojay in English. I just put my money where my mouth is and donated to his http://www.dreamordonate.nl/2289-rico-jay-for-america fund. Please make a donation and help this child. I have been conversing on Twitter with his mum and have some great news, he is in hospital in Holland to receive treatment and can now eat normal food, something that you and I take for granted. Imagine how amazing this must be after 7 1/2 years of not being able to do so!. You can follow him @RicoJayFund on Twitter https://twitter.com/RicoJayFund

Thank you.

According to my WordPress stats report thingy this posting was the most read in 2015. Thank you all and please let’s keep it this way in 2016 and tell your friends about his story and his fund-raising site.At the time of writing (30/12/2015) his fund has raised 22% of the €40, 000 target that he needs to travel to America and receive the specialist medical treatment that he needs. Every donation gets him one step closer to his dream.On his and his parents’ behalf thank you all for your continued kindness and generosity.

Rico-Jay photo for blog

Photograph (C) Rico-Jay de Boer