Two nights in Brussels #13 “Vertigo”

Hi folks,

View of Brussels from the Atomium. Not the best location if one is suffering from one’s third bout of BPV (Benign Positional Vertigo) in as many years. The only good bit about this thing is “Benign”, I have my own term for it which is best not printed here.

My able assistant otherwise known as “my beloved”, “she who must be obeyed”, “‘er indoors” and other similar terms of endearment had to steady me to prevent me from falling over but I got the shots! πŸ™‚


Best ,

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“This Strange Engine”


Inspired by one of my favourite songs of the same name

“Oh Mummy, Daddy, will you sit a while with me
Oh Mummy, Daddy, will you jog my memory
Tell me tall tales of Montego Bay
Table mountain, flying fish, banana spiders, pots of paint
And the sun on the equator
Setting like an ember thrown to deep water
From crimson to black
But coming back
On the horizon”

Best wishes

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New work: “Groundhog Day”


Every morning for years on end I used to start my working day getting up at the same time, doing the same things in the same order, getting the same bus and then a coffee and toast in this cafe and then proceed to spend a soulless day just like the one before, welcome to Groundhog Day!.