A few gear refinements.

I replaced the shoulder strap on my small Manfrotto shoulder bag with a neoprene one by OPTECH that I’ve had for some years. It’s proven to be much better for me in combatting my neck and shoulder pains. It really helps cushion the weight and it is anatomically shaped to fit into one’s collar bone/shoulder blade and, unlike the supplied strap with a shoulder pad it doesn’t slide up and down on the strap which I find a bit annoying.

I put my M.Zuiko 9-18mm and 35-100mm Lumix lenses in a couple of my small neoprene lens pouches. This gives them a bit of added protection from knocks and moisture whilst in the bag and I can also just remove them from the bag and pop them in jacket pockets to spread the weight around my body and get it off of my shoulder and upper torso.

I replaced the plastic petal type lens hoods on the two Lumix lenses with 46mm metal screw on ones for five reasons. Firstly I think that they offer better protection against knocks. Secondly, they’re a better shape/grip when attaching my camera rain cover. Thirdly, they have a 58mm filter thread on the end so I can attach a 58mm clear filter when using the rain cover and thus remove it and clean it easily if and when it gets wet. Fourthly, it reduces their diameter and thus permits them to fit into the neoprene lens pouches. Lastly it enables me to leave the hood permanently fitted and eliminates having to reverse it every time when transferring the camera with lens attached to and from the bag. I’ve also taken to using my Dymo label machine to add arrows to the lens caps which make it easier and faster to see the positions of the side-pinches with less fumbling about.

This will be the kit that I take with me on my trips to Cornwall and Prague.

Kind regards