It might look “Mickey Mouse” but it works.

Hi everyone,

As, frustratingly, I’m largely confined to the great indoors my thoughts turned to using some of my gear to setup a small video filming rig. Like macro it’s not really my thing. I have tried video before but I really don’t have much to talk about to share with others, life here in Bognor is pretty dull at the best of times and especially so at the moment. The only thing that I miss about living in London is the ease and cost of getting to places by public transport.

It may look quite “Mickey Mouse” but the setup works well. I have the camera hooked up to both the computer so that I can use Olympus’ webcam software and also via a 2 way HDMI adapter to the monitor mounted on the camera and a HDMI to USB capture dongle which allows me to monitor the video whilst looking into the camera as well as simultaneously using OBS Studio software to record on the computer. Lastly, I am running the camera from a mains adapter connected via the grip.

For lighting I attached my two small Godox video lights but they’re way too bright and harsh and, as a spectacle-wearer, they cause problems so I “adapted” them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I fitted linear polarising filters to them and then circular polarising filters and lastly those end caps that one gets on the cardboard tubes that poster-sized prints come in. The lens also has a circular polarising filter fitted. By rotating the circular polarising filter/diffuser on the light/s I can control the light output and also a nice diffused light. I also installed a couple of apps on my 10 inch tablet to use it as a softbox and/or a teleprompter.

Now all I need is something to talk about and I’m good to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best


Adapting an on the lens flash diffuser to fit micro four thirds lenses.

Hi everyone,

I’ve not been around much as I’m still having mobility issues due to my leg problems but I have been experimenting with some new ideas. I bought one of those flash diffuser things to fit on my lenses for macro and portraiture etc.. The problem is even the biggest of my MFT lenses is a smaller diameter than the hole in the diffuser so I had a rummage around in my gear and came up with this solution.

On the front I fitted a 67mm petal lens hood, one of those types with a large knurled locking nut which is a snug and secure fit through the hole in the diffuser. I then used a series of step up rings 46mm-58mm-62mm-67mm to attach it to the lens, in this case my 30mm Olympus macro lens. This will enable me to fit it to nearly all of my lenses as desired.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I have another physio appointment soon so hopefully they’ll have some ideas what’s going on with the pain in my legs and I’ll be able to get out and get some more shots.

All the best,