Adapting an on the lens flash diffuser to fit micro four thirds lenses.

Hi everyone,

I’ve not been around much as I’m still having mobility issues due to my leg problems but I have been experimenting with some new ideas. I bought one of those flash diffuser things to fit on my lenses for macro and portraiture etc.. The problem is even the biggest of my MFT lenses is a smaller diameter than the hole in the diffuser so I had a rummage around in my gear and came up with this solution.

On the front I fitted a 67mm petal lens hood, one of those types with a large knurled locking nut which is a snug and secure fit through the hole in the diffuser. I then used a series of step up rings 46mm-58mm-62mm-67mm to attach it to the lens, in this case my 30mm Olympus macro lens. This will enable me to fit it to nearly all of my lenses as desired.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I have another physio appointment soon so hopefully they’ll have some ideas what’s going on with the pain in my legs and I’ll be able to get out and get some more shots.

All the best,