From pretty to gritty.

Hi everyone,

I’m enjoying my photography a lot at the moment. Since our move to the south coast I’ve been going in many directions both literally and metaphorically. My work has always been varied in subject matter and technique, although I consider my main interest to be in landscapes I’m really liking experimenting in other genres and different gear. I know that having a “signature look” is probably more commercially appealing but I just can’t stick to one type of thing all the time, it’s simply too boring. Maybe this lays one open to the sobriquet “Jack of all trades master of none” but that’s absolutely fine with me. As comedienne Catherine Tate said “see this face!, does it look bothered?” .:)

The garden after the rain, Chichester.
The other side of the bandstand, Bognor Regis seafront.

All the best,