I won an award!!

Hi folks,

Earlier today one of my images won an award in the “editing” category in Jimmy Cheng’s (Olympus Ambassador and thoroughly nice guy) “See the World” photography competition. I’m really chuffed as it’s the only thing that I’ve ever won in my life. What encourages me greatly is that Jimmy mentions in the Youtube live stream that “editing” in this context is transforming an image, something that is very important to me in my work. The work goes forward along with the other category winners, to the “Photographer of the Year” award to be announced next week. It’s fabulous exposure for my work and I never thought that I was in with a chance.

Kind regards


2 thoughts on “I won an award!!

  1. Congratulations!! One thing that I have noticed during half of a century plying my artistic talents, is that many talented artists/photographers woodworkers, etc etc, do not have, is the confidence in their skill, and in own work. They may be praising others in their work, but themselves, NO. Why is this? One must believe in their work in order to win, succeed and go forward! Look at it as a sports team that never wins, and never succeeds in any category. Will their fans support them? Sure, but with NO wins, the fans will fall off to the side like leaves on a tree in late Autumn! One needs the confidence to win, and to continue winning over new fans. That success and confidence spreads through the team too, and more wins encourage better playing skills. Give your work the merit it so rightly deserves, because, in my opinion, YOU and your work deserves it!!!

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    • Hi and thank you very much for your comments and encouragement Tony. I readily admit that I frequently have doubts about my work not being any good. What really encouraged me about the competition was that the best editing category encompassed image transformation and not just rudimentary processing. This is what I’m about, trying to make attractive artistic work that I hope will be of interest to others. It is from this that I get the largest part of my enjoyment of photography. Thanks again and best wishes, Leigh


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