The night before Christmas (bored in Bognor)

T’was the night before Christmas
I’m sitting here bored
No pictures to work on
And I can’t go abroad

My shutters are all mute
Cos I’ve got nothing to shoot
The flashguns don’t flash
and I’ve spent all my cash

I’ve got nowhere to go
and I’m clean out of doe
Alas there’s nothing to see
On my camera’s LCD

So I’ll sup on my brew
Whilst I work out what to do
Let’s look forward to the future
when I can get some more pictures.

Have a good one,


4 thoughts on “The night before Christmas (bored in Bognor)

  1. Well, I think your “other than photography” skills are quite worthwhile, even decently good!! Yes, this has been a terrible year. We were planning to my apt in SW Spain after a long absence, then this pandemic started. So much for that! When we are able to return, I plan on shooting a lot. My Sheila likes birds and I’ll schedule a tour with a guide who takes ppl to where the birds are. I was thinking Andalucia and Morocco, so we can see some different birds. Now with this Olympus, I’ll be carrying a lighter/smaller load, though am still getting used to it. Take care, stay healthy and warm, and think positive!!!

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