If only it could be this way (Non- photographic post)

Hi everyone,

I’m often reminded of something that happened a few of years ago. We took our then six year old granddaughter out to the coast for a day out. Whilst walking around there was a mixed-faith/multi-denominational street event taking place. She turned to me and asked “Do you believe in God?”. I replied “What I choose to believe isn’t important sweetheart and nor is what you choose to believe, what IS important is that you respect and don’t belittle others who choose to believe differently from you and you have a right to have your beliefs respected “. Amazingly the only thing that I had to explain to her was what “belittle” meant. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was raised by very liberal and open-minded grandparents and I’m thankful for it as they encouraged me from and early age to think for myself, free from prejudice, bigotry and pressure.

Kind regards,