“Honey I shrank my camera bag”

Until such time as my shoulder/head/neck problems get better I’ve reduced my gear to a very minimalistic and light, even by my standards, 1 body and 2 primes in my tiniest camera bag, I even removed the camera grip and lens to save a bit more weight and to make space . I was in so much pain last night after going out yesterday that I didn’t get more than an hour’s sleep all told and ended up getting up at 3AM as it was just too painful to lie down, strong pain-killers didn’t touch it.

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10 thoughts on ““Honey I shrank my camera bag”

  1. Been there. For years I have used 600mm lens and heavy DSLR. At times hiked 11k in sand. Well… back surgery, then 1 year later, hip replacement. The moment I find mirrorless to fit my needs I’m there !

    FWIW, I am limited to lying on my back to sleep for 6 months. My neck, shoulder, etc. fixed itself with that. Of course your ribs may take a beating if you have a partner.

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