The year of the PEN

My photographic highlight of the year has been using my Olympus PEN-F camera. Although I still very much enjoy using my OM-D cameras and lenses this camera has fast become my go-to favourite. I have used it throughout the year mostly coupled with my dimunative gem of a lens, the Lumix 12-32mm. This camera ticks all the boxes for me, it’s small, light and fully-featured and a delight to use. It has a very good sensor and features such as electronic shutter and good ergonomics, it feels right in ones hand. I think that if something feels right it really promotes a sense of confidence and enjoyment in using it. So I’ve taken to just carrying the PEN-F and three lenses, the Lumix 12-32mm and 20mm 1.7 and my Olympus 9-18mm. Together they cover 99.9% of my day-to-day equipment requirements. Six out of twelve of the photos in my yearly photo roundup post were taken with the PEN-F and 12-32mm

PEN-F and Olympus 9-18mm

PEN-F and Lumix 12-32mm

Kind regards


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