Something a little bit fishy

Hi folks,

I took a new lens out for a stroll around my hometownย  of Kingston Upon Thames this morning. I already have a perfectly good fisheye lens which I very rarely use but I bought the tiny Olympus 9 mm fixed f/8 body cap lens and it is a LOT of fun to use. The images have a sort of film-like quality to them.ย  It’s acceptablyย  sharp in the middle, not so sharp in the corners, it’s manual focus, has chromatic aberration aplenty, it’s cheap , made out of plastic, the pixel-peepers out there would absolutely hate it and I LOVE IT!. The lens is marketed as a fun (not toy) lens and they got this absolutely right. When fitted to one of my OM-D bodies it’s possible to put the camera in a jacket pocket. Being so small and light it’s the sort of lens that you can have with you all the time and, therefore,ย  use. Well done Olympus, like most things, if photography isn’t fun then you’re not going to get the most enjoyment from it and this lens has fun written all over it.

body cap lens

Something a lilttle bit fishy 1sSomething a little bit fishy #2sSomething a little bit fishy #3sSomething a little bit fishy #4sSomething a little bit fishy #5sAll Saints Church s

Kind regards


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