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Dear all,

Just to let you know that I have joined Skylum Software’s affiliate programme. I have recently started to use both their Aurora HDR 2019 and Luminar 3 software. I’m very impressed with both programmes and look forward to using them more in my work. They do 30 day trial versions of both products.

I have added an Ad code link to the right hand menu in accordance with their terms. Myย  website, blog, online gallery site do not receive any sponsorship and any revenue generated by my participation in Skylum’s affiliate programme will help greatly towards their running costs.

Kind regards

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6 thoughts on “Skylum software affiliate

  1. I’ve been using Luminar since October of 2018 and recently updated to the Luminar 3 and started using Aurora HDR.

    I’ll be honest, I lost interest in HDR photography a few years ago. When I started reading reviews about Aurora HDR I took a chance. Needless to say Aurora HDR is by far the best (in my opinion) HDR Software I have come across. I’ve gone back to some of my earlier attempts at HDR and have liked the results that Aurora HDR has given me.

    The Skylum software is definitely a great tool for both beginners all the way up to professionals. One of the best benefits, especially for the more advanced to professional photographers, is that Skylum Software can be used as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin.

    Being able to download a free trial is always a plus. Skylum also has a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product.

    The support staff is always there ready to help if you need. They also have webinars, educational resources, and a youtube page to help you as you learn the program or provide you with new ways to edit your photography.

    All-in-all its a great software package and I think you will enjoy it!

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    • Hi,

      I fully agree with your comments. Although I am new to Skylum products I’ve found them very intuitive as I have some years of experience working with this kind of software. I also feel that their interface is a very clean and user-friendly one that those new to this kind of software can quickly get used to, there’s a lot of power “under the hood” so as to say.

      Like you I am returning to HDR somewhat and I’m impressed with the results I’ve been getting with Aurora. I also full agree with your comments regarding their support staff. I’ve had cause to call on their services a few times and they have always responded very fast and very efficiently.

      Another great thing about the company apart from their trial software and money back guarantee on their software is that they have some very nice free Looks, LUTs and suchlike.

      The integration with Photoshop and, in particular for me, Lightroom, is another very useful feature. Lastly I think that it has to be said that I object strongly to Adobe’s move to a licensing model. I compliment Skylum on their “buy once and own” the software approach.

      I joined their affiliate program after first buying and trying the software. I don’t openly court sponsorship and my views on the company and their products are based purely on my experiences.

      Kind regards


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  2. Hi Leigh!
    I’ve been using Skylum’s Luminar and Aurora HDR for a year now and I absolutely love both of them! I use them either as standalone or as a Lightroom or Photoshop plugin – depending on the kind of work I have to get done. These have been great additions to my workflow! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hi Michele,

      Thanks for your message. I’m just getting back in to HDR again and I’m very impressed with Aurora. I’ve also started to really enjoy using Luminar. I agree they are great additions to anyone’s workflow. I use all sorts of software. and plugins in my work (see my gear and stuff page). I tend to use Aurora and Luminar stand alone but I have used them as Lightroom plugins. Another great product that I use in a lot of my work is Landscape Pro Studio as my main interest is in landscape work. All these programs compliment each other extremely well.

      Best wishes, Leigh


    • Hi Sherry, well the Aurora software is the best HDR software that I’ve found. I had previously used Photomatrix but this is better and a lot more natural. I bought Luminar after as it has quite a few nice features that interest me. They have 30 day trials of each available on their website. After purchasing I got an E-mail from their CEO Alex Tsepko welcoming me and inviting me to feedback any comments on how they might add to/improve the software which is more than I’ve ever gotten from Adobe. ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you getting on?. Best wishes, Leigh


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