4 thoughts on “Ten 20.00″ x 16.00″ stretched canvas prints of Leigh Kemp’s Vanishing Blue for the promotional price of: ยฃ51/$70 each.

    • Hi Warren, thanks. The only real advice that I can give is keep on going and make every bit of use of free sites and social media in general to get your work seen. It’s a hugely difficult area to try and break in to. You have to consider that all these sites like FAA/Pixels take the lion’s share of the sales price and thus the artist receives next to nothing in real terms and only well know artists can command a higher asking price. Also avoid so-called “vanity galleries” and any other such sites that want to charge you to display your work. Please feel free to contact me if I can offer any additional advise. Good luck in you art, best wishes, Leigh


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