Two works of Agios Georgios, Corfu

Hi everyone,

Corfu 6 – Church – Agios Georgios

I loved the simplicity of architecture of this church.

43298656741_a6fe28d26f_z (1).jpg

Corfu 7 – House – Agios Georgios

I fell in love with the quirky style of this house with all the vines growing. A panoramic work. Click image for a larger view.


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Two more Corfu works.

Hi everyone,

Corfu 4 – “My kind of beach”

Another surreal panoramic work.I’m not a beach person, I get bored very quickly lying on a sun lounger so this is absolutely my kind of beach, completely “deserted” ๐Ÿ™‚

43246446142_0670ddd712_z (4).jpg

Corfu 5 – “Fishing on the Rocks”

A shot of a chap fishing on the rocks.


Best wishes,

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