Hi everyone,

I’ve sometimes wondered why I like producing “painterly” style works so much. I’ve always loved photography and a huge part of the enjoyment for me is finding interesting locations and subjects but it has rarely been enough in itself.

I love working with my imagery and trying out new ideas and techniques and it gives me another vastly important aspect to my work, I guess it’s as simple as that really. I find that it gives me a whole new world of possibilities and it’s very absorbing and, if it’s not a strange word to use, exciting. I get a real buzz when I’m working on images that it’s hard to put in to words.

35039312574_871892cfd5_z (3)

This shot started life as a candid shot of a guy sitting in the park reading and as soon as I started working with it I knew that I wanted to try and produce an impressionist type work and the shades of green and ochre stood out to me. I like it because it combines my favourite activities, walking around spotting interesting subjects for my work and then working with the imagery and indulging my imagination.

Best wishes and thanks for all your interest and support for my work.

Best wishes

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