When in Rome #10 “Non capisco!”

A fun shot, this restaurant sure wanted to make it hard for me. A triple whammy, One, I didn’t have my reading glasses, two, unfortunately my Italian isn’t that good and three, just to spice it up even more they wanted me to stand on my head to read it!. ๐Ÿ™‚


When in Rome #8 and #9

Hi folks,

Two more works today, one straight(ish) and one painterly.

34921448134_054e020b56_z (1)

When in Rome #8 “The day the rides stopped”

Disused children’s playground funfair at Porto Turistico Di Roma


When in Rome #9 “The wooden horse”

Painterly work of a carved wooden horse and cart outside a restaurant in the center of Rome

Best wishes

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