JJC Camera Accessories from JWEMALL

Hi folks,

For some time now I’ve been purchasing my camera accessories such as lens hoods from a company that sell on e-bay called JWEMALL located in China. They sell the range of Chinese-made JJC photograpic accessories. I’ve found the quality and pricing very good as is their service and customer support which also includes free-delivery .

Over a period of time I’ve ordered lens hoods for all my lenses as well as a radio remote control unit and they all perform just as well as the camera manufacturer-branded items. I had one item, ironically a metal lens hood for my M.Zuiko 12mm which got damaged in the postage and they sent a replacement item promptly without any fuss.

JJC is an innovative company, I bought their lens hood for my M.Zuiko 12-40mm even though it came with one (for a change) because it incorporates a removeable “window” which allows easy rotataion of a circular polarising filter. Another reason I like their gear is that I wouldn’t want to have to replace an “original” lense hood if it got lost or damaged at the rediculousย  prices that camera manufacturers charge for their items. I also object to having to pay extortionate prices for items such as hoods, lens cases etc which in the old days came supplied with a lens! so these JJC items provide a very reasonably priced alternative.

So if you’re looking for such items and you haven’t come across this company check them out.

Kind regards


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