Oh deepest joy of joys :)


I had a recent drive failure on a 1 TByte external drive that I kept all my RAW files on. After many different unsucessful approaches to getting the drive partition to be remounted I thought that I’d lost the lot, some 20,000 files including some priceless memories.

Earlier today I was sitting here and half-remembered backingup some image files to another external drive a couple of months back and, joy of joys, I have recovered most of my files which I’m currently in the process of backing up again to yet another external drive :).

I know the moral of the story is backup but its not so easy when you have so many files. I’m suprised that the ratio of files to finished works that I’ve uploaded to my Flickr page is so low. I currently have about 1,100 files on flickr so a 1:20 ratio surprised me, I’d expected it to be much higher than that.

Best regards