This amused me :)

Found these comments on a website discussion regarding hidden features on the OM-D E-M1 which I found amusing:

“There’s a certain sequence of button presses that activates Cartier-Bresson Mode in which all your images will capture the Decisive Moment.” and the follow up reply “and it automatically switches on an extra shutter shock, because β€œsharpness is a bourgeois concept” ! Β 


So much to love about my E-M1, now all I’ve got to do is drill down through the menus and find it and then my impressionist works will be that bit more “impressionistic”!

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Honey I shrunk my camera bag! :)

Camera Bags

On the right my favourite camera bag, on the left its baby brother, it’s a perfect snug fit for my Olympus PEN camera, 12-50mm lens and a couple of spare batteries for the days when I want to travel super-ultra-light. :). I’ve been looking for one for a while and picked it up on ebay. I’m not in to matching luggage but they are great quality rugged and well designed bags. I also like the belt loop at the back for extra security/convenience.

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