M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8, my new “favourite” lens


I was in two minds about my recent purchase of a 17mm f1.8 M.Zuiko lens. I didn’t have any reservations about it not being a great lens in terms of optical and build quality but my doubt was would I use it enough?. I know that the 35mm focal length has for many years been a firm favourite of street photographers but I’ve never owned one. Years ago when I owned my OM film cameras and a range of lenses, including the almost obligatory 50mm “standard” lens, I missed out 35mm and for that matter 28mm and went for a 24mm wide-angle and various telephoto focal lengths because I couldn’t afford to buy additional wide-angle focal lengths. I then moved over to a series of DSLRsΒ  with zoom lenses and thus I have never actually up until now used the classic 35mm prime focal length.

Well I was very wrong and I guess that I’ve finally seen the light! (pun intended) :), after history nearly repeating itself and almost missing out this focal length yet again. I am so pleased that I decided to buy this lens as I’m finding it so useful and with one exception when I fitted my M.Zuiko 12mm lens, I used it for all of the shots taken last weekend on my visit to Putney and most of my shots taken earlier in the year when I re-visited Twickenham and it perfectly suits my needs and my style of photography, it is beautifully made, very light and pin sharp but above all the field of view is so useful. If I had to only take one of my lenses out with me then I think that this is the one I’d take.

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