Hi everyone,

Firstly, two of my most recent shots both taken in Bognor Regis.

“Five birds on the beach”


“End to End”


Now for a fun shot that I did recreating an Olympus magazine advert from the 70’s originally featuring Peter Sellers with an OM-1 camera which, incidentally, was my first 35mm film SLR. For this I mounted my Lumix 35-100mm to my PEN-F with a pistol grip.

Finally, I bought a JJC HR series pistol grip, circa ยฃ20 which I think will come in handy with longer lenses and maybe video if and when I do any to which I’ve added a two piece quick release plate, a strap eyelet to the bottom of the handle and one of my removable wrist straps. The grip requires a cable, sold separately, to fit one’s make/model of camera, I already had one as it was the same type that fitted my JJC wireless remote.

s an

Kind regards


2 thoughts on “BUMPER BUNDLE

    • Hi mate, thanks, I don’t often shoot with really long lenses. I think that you’re right there. For the sort of stuff I shoot I think that it’ll be useful with my 35-100mm or maybe my 40-150mm or 14-150mm lenses. Noisy jets eh!, I prefer more serene subjects :). You too, look after yourself my friend.


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