The day the funfair came to town.

Hi everyone, an apology for not being about that much of late but I hurt my back a month ago and it has been really painful and severely restricted my mobility, somewhat ironic after months of enforced lockdown!. I popped into Bognor for a doctor’s appointment and the fun fair on the seafront for the Bank Holiday weekend was setting up so I got a few shots, these both taken with my PEN-F and M.Zuiko 9-18mm. I’m on the mend and hope to be able to get out again soon.

Stay safe, best wishes,


3 thoughts on “The day the funfair came to town.

    • Hi Sherry, very sorry to hear about your back problems. I hope that you can get it treated, problem with backs is that once there’s a weakness there they never go away. Mine is now on the mend at last, got to go for a hip and pelvis X-Ray and some bloods but it’s a lot easier. As for the blog I’ll keep it going at least in the short term as I’m paid up. Problem is that there’s nowhere for folks to comment in the Reader and I can’t fathom it out. Take care, best, Leigh


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