Blog design update etc..

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. This morning I decided to update my blog design a bit to hopefully showcase my work a bit better. I have quite an extensive body of work which I’d like to attempt to present on my blog in addition to my website, particularly for those that are new to my blog and may not be familiar with my landscape work.

I’ m hoping to get out again soon and get some new shots. I’m keen to continue my experiments with long-exposure HDR. I made a start the other day with my brief visit to the seafront, it’s a learning curve. It was very sunny with a very cold wind on the seafront. I couldn’t really see in the LCD even with my LCD shade fitted and the camera position made the EVF too low down. The wind was so strong it was blowing the tripod around so it’s a miracle than anything was sharp!. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also didn’t have a strong enough ND filter with me, it needed a 10 stop ND in such strong direct sunlight and the variable one I had with me only went to a maximum of 7 stops.

As I guess you all know, I absolutely hate tripods and lumping them around on foot. Even with the relatively lightweight one that I took with me my left shoulder and neck were pretty painful the following day. Next time I’ll take my Gorillapod which I’ve had for some years now and hardly used, and try and find something to rest it on or attach it to. At least it’s very light and compact and if I don’t end up using it then I’m not carrying something heavier around all day just on the off chance I’ll end up using it ๐Ÿ™‚ . As my camera gear is small and lightweight then it’s well suited for the Gorillapod. I’ve also just taken delivery of a K&F concept combined variable ND + CPL filter which I’m keen to try out ASAP.

Kind regards


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