Two hoods are better than none!

Hi everyone,

When I have one of my K&F Concept 58mm variable ND filters on the front of my regular lens hood then it doesn’t have a hood of its own, well it does now!. The filters both have a 62mm thread on the end of them so I fitted a metal 62mm screw-on wide angle hood to this so that I still have a hood fitted whilst using the filter. It does vignette at 12-13mm F.O.V but doesn’t if I remove the clear glass protection filter that I have fitted to the lens, in this case, my Lumix 12-32mm and I can use this arrangement on several of my other lenses fitted with hoods which accept a 58mm filter on the end. I also have a 62mm three-stage collapsible rubber lens hood which might prove a better all-round solution.

Kind regards


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