For those interested in video streaming/capture etc..

Hi everyone,

A while back I started experimenting with video streaming. I bought a couple of bits of kit that work very well. As some of my cameras don’t allow one to monitor the video in live view with and HDMI cable plugged in I bought a plug in HDMI to USB video capture device and also a 1 in 2 out HDMI splitter. This works very well as I can plug the HDMI output from the the camera in to the splitter with a suitable HDMI cable, plug one of the outputs to a small HDMI monitor and the other output to an HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI to USB capture device and this into the computer. The HDMI splitter device has a micro USB socket so that it can be powered by USB and includes a cable for this. This combination works great and allows me to simultaneously monitor the picture whilst streaming to the computer. So far I’ve used this setup with ZOOM and also with OBS Studio and it cost me approx. ยฃ33 UK plus a suitable HDMI cable to fit your camera’s HDMI output.

I have no affiliation with the companies that manufacture these products, as always, I share because I hope that it is of interest.

Stay safe and kind regards,


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