Discovering my inner sole :)

Hi folks,

No, not a typo in the title of the post πŸ™‚ . I know what you’re thinking, “he’s finally lost it, I always knew there was something flakey about him”, not so!. A while back I discovered a great and almost certainly the cheapest way to free a stuck filter or screw on lens hood etc. is an old rubber inner sole for a shoe, it’s worked for me every time. Place the sole on a firm flat surface or, at a pinch, against the palm of your hand, press the front of the filter or lens hood against the sole, apply a little even pressure, and turn. The rubber grips and the filter or hood is easily removed without damaging it. If you’re trying to remove a screw on lens hood and it also removes a protection filter simply let it do so and repeat the above with the filter thread against the rubber and turn the hood then you can refit the protection filter. For this reason I cut up an old inner sole into three pieces (FYI I have fairly large feet) πŸ™‚ and I pack one in each of my camera bags. As must have camera accessories go they don’t come much cheaper than this and I have another one just like it if I need it. Cost me nothing as I’d already got good mileage out of them, your mileage may vary, or you could of course really push the boat out and buy new ones! πŸ™‚


Kind regards



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