Four becomes five

Hi folks,

With careful consideration I have found a way to pack a camera body and five lenses into my small Manfrotto bag with only a tiny increase in weight as it still comes out at less than 1Kg. Three zooms and two faster primes.

4 becomes 5 _1

Lefthand side: PEN-F with Lumix 12-32 mm plus lens hood fitted.

Righthand side top layer: M.Zuiko 9-18 mm plus lens hood and Lumix 20 mm plus hood in a neoprene case.

4 becomes 5 _ 2

Righthand side bottom layer: my less frequently used Lumix 35-100 mm with hood reversed in a soft case and Lumix 14 mm plus hood (now swapped over for my M.Zuiko 45 mm) .

The thing in the middle is my LCD shade folded flat.

bag shot

Kind regards


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