Two can play at that game πŸ™‚

Hi folks,

In many ways my wife is always an inspiration to me. I’ve often joked with her that her handbags are like Dr. Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. Full of “useful things” that she “might just need” just like my camera bags are for me. So I set myself a small challenge to see just how much small lightweight camera gear I could fit into one of my tiny Manfrotto camera bags and here’s the result, oh and for the record, my packed camera bagΒ  weighs in at less than her packed handbag and at the less than princely sum of Β£7 my camera bag cost me considerably less than any of her handbags. πŸ™‚

First off to give a sense of scale, the bag is approx. 8 inches wide –


Back pocket: memory card case for 6 spare cards, 4 moist lens wipes, 2 spare camera batteries in a neoprene case, a 52-58 mm step up ring which adapts my ND filter to fit my 9-18 mm lens and a pair of filter wrenches.

Main compartment left: Olympus PEN-F with Lumix 12-32 mm (37 mm filter thread) and JJC hood (which will accept 58 mm filters), hard case (originally designed for stereo ear buds) containing Olympus 9 mm fisheye body cap lens (or maybe my 15 mm body cap lens) and a 58 mm variable ND filter.

Main compartment right: M.Zuiko 9-18Β  mm (hood fitted), Lumix 35-100 mm (hood fitted). Underneath these lenses my Lumix 14 mm or Lumix 20 mm, Olympus M-CON macro converter (fits the 12-32 mm, 35-100 mm , 14 mm and 20 mm lenses) and the hood for the 14 mm or 20 mm into which the M-CON sits neatly.





Lastly I fitted two sticky pad/feet things to my lens back caps to cushion them. So my camera, a total of six lenses (I’m counting the M-CON as a lens) and other vital stuff that that I “simply must carry with me and I might just need” all into a small, discrete, lightweight bag. Whilst I was taking these shots she came into the room, saw me sitting on the floor taking pictures of the bag and it’s contents on the carpet and said, with a smile on her face and a look that one usually reserves for animals and small children,Β  “I won’t ask!” and then walked out. She knows me too well!. πŸ™‚

Kind regards


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