I’m too sexy for my camera!. :)

If your preference is for big heavy DSLR kit and lenses then you are probably reading the wrong post. ๐Ÿ™‚ If, one the other hand, you have an interest in small, lightweight, cameras and lenses then please read on…….

Hi folks,

Sadly, at my advanced age, I have to concede that the opposite is much nearer the truth, my camera is probably too sexy for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ . Rain, rain and more rain and the forecast for the next few days, yes, you guessed it, even more rain, you just gotta love the UK weather. So, frustratingly, after weeks of lockdown,ย  I haven’t been able to put my new camera through its paces yet except for setting it up to my preference and taking some indoor test shots.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with my new Olympus PEN-F which I bought “preloved” in near mint condition for a very good price. I’m really looking forward to testing it out and it has some very interesting features and, it IS a very sexy camera, especially in the silver finish and thus puts a huge tick in my “I like retro looks” box ๐Ÿ™‚ . It also fits hand-in-glove with my preference for lightweight kit, especially when combined with a few of my fast and lightweight M.Zuiko primes like my 12,17,25 and 45mm lenses and/or small compact zooms like my M.Zuiko 9-18ย  mm and Lumix 35-100 mm. I can carry this camera and three lenses, plus the obligatory spare batteries and memory cards and my M-CON macro converter, in one of my very compact Manfrotto bags.

Another small, but financially important, plus for me is that the camera uses the same BLN-1 batteries and thus my USB chargers as my OM-D cameras. Don’t be fooled by it’s retro styling though, this camera has a 20 MP sensor, a 50 MP JPEG/80 MP RAW hi-res shot mode, silent electronic shutter modes and just about every other feature that one could expect to find in a modern digital camera as well as Olympus’ great solid build quality. I really like the dedicated exposure compensation dial on the top as well as the highlight/shadow control wheel which puts these controls right where you want them and of course thatย  very interesting dial on the front.


pen and lenses

Can’t wait to try it out properly a post some shots taken with it.

Kind regards,


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