I’m Optimised! :)

Hi everyone,


I’m optimised! , well not me actually I’m far from being optimised but my website isย ย .I’ve spent a delightful morning developing the site for tablets.

I’d already completed the work for an optimal desktop resolution of 1920×1080 and finished the “mobile-friendly” version (love the term as I’m not feeling very friendly to mobiles right now) of the site when I thought I’d try it on my tablet and, frankly, it looked completely naff.

Now you can surf my site on your iPad,ย tablet etc. and enjoy it’s splendorous web pages, well most of them anywayย 

I’m reminded of the cover notes on Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells about please play on a stereo and not with a rusty nail and a tin can or words to that effect , not to say that an iPad or any otherย  make of tablet is analogous to the above but on a 480p TV it will still look pretty naff but then again most websites willย 



“It’s a work of art”ย 


website optimised