Simple things please simple minds :)

Well that’s how the saying goes 🙂

Hi everyone,

Sometimes one can get a boost from the simplest of things (yes I am easily pleased) 🙂

I bought a new screw on metal lens hood for my Lumix 12-32 mm lens. This lens takes  37 mm filters and, as it’s a screw on hood, it means removing it to fit/change a filter or so I thought!. I usually pair this lens up with either my M.Zuiko 12-150 mm or 40-150 mm lens when I’m travelling light and I was delighted to find that this JJC hood has a 58 mm filter thread on the front meaning that I can use the same 58 mm filters as my companion Olympus lenses accept as well as a 58 mm lens cap which is much easier to fit and remove.  Yeah sure it would be nice if more folks visited my website and a lottery win wouldn’t go amiss either but it brightened my day a little 🙂

Best wishes

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