I’m now more stable :)

Hi everyone,

Heaven knows I’ve tried to like tripods over the years but they just don’t work for me. I thought I’d try using my small table top tripod as a “chest pod” and it looks like it might work out quite well. I took a few chest shots, sorry that should read test shots like this one which was taken at 1/5th sec @ f5.6, ISO 1600. Even with the image stabilisation I know I’d have a lot of difficulty hand-holding at 1/5th of a second.


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With a bit more practice I find I can now fairly consistently hand-hold my most frequently used wide to medium telephoto (12-45mm in MFT) lenses down to speeds of about 1/2 a second using my Slik Mini Pro DQย tabletop tripod as a chest-pod, it makes a very stable and solid feeling support. Obviously the camera’s image stabilisation is playing a significant part in this but the chest-pod is also helping to steady things.


When in Rome #52 “Lasting Impression”

Hi everyone,

Probably the last in my series of works of Rome, this time a colourful street scene. I hope that youโ€™ve enjoyed viewing my work. Iโ€™d much like the opportunity to travel more and visit more amazing locations.


All the best

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