And I wanted to buy a chicken! (re-hatched)

Hi folks,

Every now and then when the moon is in the first quarter and the tea leaf readings are favourable I like to sneak in a “straight” colour work. In these days of somewhat dubious advertising claims I was amused by the refreshing honesty of the shop name that I spotted last year on my travels. πŸ™‚ I’ve hyperlinked it to a bigger view on Flickr as the window contents demand closer inspection :).


Edit: I hope that it brought a few smiles to faces, it made me smile when I spotted it. I found a reference to the shop on the web which describes it as “Eccentric, fabulous and slightly frantic”, sounds “right up my street” as the saying goes except that it’s not up my street it’s about 50 miles away πŸ™‚

I love eccentricity, I think that the world needs more eccentrics. I remember that when I was young I was pretty darned introverted. Then something happened and I remember the occasion and circumstances quite vividly, it was like someone threw a switch in my brain and all of a sudden I didn’t much care what the world thought of me, I realised that, somewhere inside my brain there was another “me”, one neither I nor anyone else had seen before and it came as a huge surprise!, a more confident and self-assured me, and from roughly that point on, I became a lot more extrovert, bordering occasionally on the eccentric, a trait that has steadily grown over the years. I’m reminded of the song “The hollow man” by Marillion, I think that, if I hadn’t changed I would have become one Β and I very nearly did:

“Watch this cold world dishing up these endless hollow men
Find us anywhere you look
Come and meet our friends
Stand us in our silly clothes
Put our batteries in
Line us up like fairground ducks
Watch us grin and grin

See the lies behind our eyes
See the will to win”

Best wishes


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