My long exposure HDR gear selection worked well.

Hi everyone,

For my trip into Bognor yesterday I took my Olympus E-M5 II, Lumix 12-32mm lens, 58mm fit K&F Concept ND8-ND128, ND2-32/CPL and ND1000 filters. In the end I decided on taking my small Slik Tripod which I’ve modified by changing the ball head to one from a SLIK monopod that I had as it has a quick release plate. I also took my JJC radio remote trigger, a 62mm metal wide angle lens hood and a couple of step up rings.

All of these filters will attach to the 12-32mm lens with the aid of a 37mm-58mm step up ring. The 62mm hood will attach directly to the front of the ND8-128 filter, as it has a 62mm front filter thread, and with a 58mm to 62mm step up ring one can attach the hood to the ND1000 filter. The odd one out is the variable ND/CPL filter which has a 67mm front filter thread for which I don’t as yet ๐Ÿ™‚ have a hood.

I chose the small SLIK tripod because it has five position adjustable leg sections and a screw in column extension should this be required. The whole setup worked very well and was reassuringly stable, I even used it, minus the tripod, ND filter/s and hood and fitted with my smaller regular lens hood to take some candid street shots using silent shutter with the lens set to 12mm and the camera triggered by the radio remote release with the camera hanging around my neck. Not something that I’m in a habit of doing but rather as a fun experiment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kind regards,


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